Bespoke Work

Initially, all designs are hand drawn allowing the artist to capture the client’s requirements whilst also adding effects and inspirational ideas. Once the design is finalized the project is drawn to full size thus allowing clients to see their project displayed life size before the actual making starts.

The process of hot forging and shaping the steel begins. This often involves spreading, bending, tapering, splitting, hot punching, thickening (known as upsetting), riveting and fire welding (a process of joining pieces of white hot metal together.) After all the component parts have been made, final assembly then takes place.

Protecting and providing the finishing touches offer longevity for the artwork. If the work is for interior use, it can be wire brushed, lacquered and waxed, or painted. For Extra protection and durability of exterior work, the process of hot dip galvanizing is applied. This protects the surface for a minimum of 20 years. As well as this a coat of primer and then the final colours are applied, these are usually chosen by the client.

The final step is the delivery and installation of the finished project.